Q : How much storage space on BASE do I get?

A : The free account gives you 1 GB and you can upgrade to 50 GB in the user settings.

Q : Why only 7 color tags?

A : There are 7 tags, one for each day of the week or for 7 projects at a time and then after you are done sorting you archive by sending them to a folder on BASE or downloading them to your hard drive.

To clear a tag, simply right click on the tag and select MOVE to a folder or DOWNLOAD as a zip. Or you can just remove it… the images will not be removed.

Q : How do you “like” images?

A : Right-click on the image(s) you want to like or unlike, then select the heart button to view the images that you liked.

Q : Why is drag and drop not working from some websites?

A : It all depends where you are dragging and dropping image(s) from. Dall-e for example does not allow it. You have to download the image to your desktop / device and then upload to BASE by clicking on the little cloud icon in the top right.

Q : My images keep disappearing… where are they going?

A : If you have images selected and then select a tag, they will be tagged with that color and only be visible when you click on the tag again.

Clicking the “View All” button (grid icon in the top left) will show all images and their respective color and like tags next to their filename.

Q : I’m deleting images, but not getting any storage back on the cloud… why is this happening?

A : When you delete images on BASE, they go to a trash folder. Click on the hamburger looking menu icon to open the folder menu. Then click on the trash icon to view files inside of it. If you click the trash icon one more time it will permanently delete the files or you can select and right-click to permanently delete them and you will get your storage back.

You can also select images you want to restore, right-click and MOVE them back to the root folder aka My Base (home icon)